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  • Bubbly: Pretty in Puffed Sleeves

    A cute new dress? Why not. You'd love wearing this one, it's easy, statement-making and requires no effort to style.  Can you wear this even during...
  • That New Dress Coming!

    We hope this upcoming dress gives you something new to look forward to!
  • BB Community Project

    A project to help a community of displaced workers by creating rugs and home accessories made of excess cotton.
  • As Long as it Can Be Sewn, We’re In!

                                                                                     So that our team may adapt, and stay strong during this challengin...
  • Better Basics Linen Face Masks

    Our non-medical grade face mask of choice is linen. You will be seeing create new colors in the next few weeks, selling in the friendliest market prices and fresh colors (every other week).
  • The Case for our Washable Tote Bags

    Can we create washable tote bags that can be used instead of regular day bags? We are launching with 4 large size designs made to carry your necessities throughout your errand runs. Once you get home, you may dump these bags in disinfectant solutions, rinse and hang to dry. The material is quick-drying so the totes will be ready for use the next day too.
  • Little Big Help: April 19 Update

    Here's an update on our project for PPE suits called LITTLE BIG HELP. In the last 18 days since we launched this, here are the the updates you should know.
  • Our Approach in Time of Covid-19

    For a small business like ours, every statistic, every number is associated with lives of people who work with and for us, and the family   members that depend on them. So we press on.


  • The one top you should own by now- Meghan.

    Look more fit and slimmer than reality, not that you don’t love your body but this one is the one blouse solution you need that will flatter your shoulders and elongate your body.
  • HOW TO: Dress up the Amal

    Curious about a dress that you can layer in many ways? We'll show you how to dress up, and down the Amal.
  • Supporting Local, Totally Good for the Heart!

    The next big thing is currently a small thing.   Amancio Ortega probably no longer sees every design sold under his brand, Zara, and Erling Perss...
  • Fashion Rules Don't Have to Rule You

    Believe us when we say that we have nothing against fashion designers and their shows. If nothing else, we'd gladly defend them; the whole reason u...