Better Basics Linen Face Masks

Face Masks made of Linen


Masks are now a requirement, a piece that every OOTD needs. So we took out our pattern papers and worked on crafting our design for a mask that’s simple, functional and cute.


We knew a few things—neoprene fabric is not protective despite being colorfully flamboyant, silk or satin fabrics are so cute but will take our mananahi extra time to make thus we will have to sell higher, and from a previous research we knew that linen has antibacterial properties.


We looked into using linen right away for three reasons. First, it’s antibacterial properties- linen dries faster when compared with other fabrics which means it will not be a breathing ground for bacteria. Second, it’s tightly woven meaning there are little to no penetration holes for dirt or bacteria. Lastly, they’re…cute!


So for us, our non-medical grade face mask of choice is linen. You will be seeing create new colors in the next few weeks, selling in the friendliest market prices and fresh colors (every other week).

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