The one top you should own by now- Meghan.

It’s official, we are calling the Meghan top a classic foundational piece so it will be available on a regular basis in our shop. This design is as old as the royal wedding of Harry & Meghan. We took inspiration from the bride’s wedding reception dress (and named it after her) because no woman will not look good in a high-neck halter top.


In case you need more convincing, here are reasons this top looks flattering on you.


  • Showing off the shoulders gives you a more athletic look. Whether you really are or not, you’d look more toned with this kind of top.
  • If you’re bottom heavy, a halter will draw the eyes upward, focusing on your shoulders and face giving a balance to your shape.
  •  The style of this one will make you look longer as the high neck detail creates volume in this area. You can skip wearing a necklace, and show off a fun pair of earrings instead.



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