Am I Ever Gonna Know What to Wear?

Women have been stereotyped to have huge closets yet its members still cry that they have nothing to wear. Truth be told, the problem is not that we do not have anything to wear, but that we do not know what to wear. It’s not the having, but the knowing that is the problem. Mixing and matching all the pieces we acquired over the years is not easy. What you bought in 2016 do not necessarily match the mood of pieces you buy in 2018. Our style icons, and preferences change and if you are one to follow trends, you are in a worse spot as trends change quicker than anything else. So how can we solve this? Here are three simple principles we can share with you:


One: Identify what your lifestyle needs

Does your job require you to travel frequently, what is your usual commute like? Are you a nursing mother? Or are you happily stationed in a fully air-conditioned office where people come to you, and you do not need to move a lot? For women on-the-go, looser silhouettes would be more convenient while for ladies who are mostly office-based, you can enjoy sheath dresses more. But if you work from home, then the most important criteria is to wear breezy outfits. There are different pieces that will complement the needs of your lifestyle.


Two: Consider your body shape, and skin color

This one is purely for aesthetics. You want to look good right? Maximize the resources available online to identity your body shape, and find countless tips that you can follow. This might take some effort but it is so worth it to research about this! There are certain cuts that work well with bigger hips, but will not look flattering if your hips are tiny. Some colors will make a warm toned person look more radiant, but will make a red-skinned look dull.

Not knowing these will not automatically make you look shabby, but knowing them can totally up your fashion game.


Three: Go for classic basics

Do you imagine yourself regretting 3 years down the road that you bought that white v-neck top or that tapered black pants? If your answer is yes, reconsider before you buy it. There are designs that would just come and go, but there are some that stay for years. Black, white and navy are universally flattering so these colors are always a safe bet when shopping. As they say, there are 12 staple pieces that every woman should have in her closet and as we age, it will be wise to invest in these.

 There are solutions to every dressing up dilemma, but you have to identify specifically where your pain point is. Need to discuss this more elaborately? We’d like to try to help you so just send us a message or drop a comment below. We’re in the field of dressing you up, you can speak with us!

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