As Long as it Can Be Sewn, We’re In!


So that our team may adapt, and stay strong during this challenging time, we have been open to ideas of creating pieces beyond our usual daily basics wear for women. It started with PPE then created more fashionable PPEs…


Turned our leftover fabrics into hair bands, and scrunchies…


Then masks!


Created water-repellent, washable totes from leftover PPE fabrics.


We are creating various products that will give jobs to our current seamstresses, as well as help our neighboring ones who currently do not have projects.


Along the way, you may see that we are adding new products on our site. We are not diverting from what we came to do- but we are expanding by creating relevant, excellent products to help you with your everyday.


Please continue to support our local small businesses by putting your shopping money for brands that promote local employment.


We commit to do what we can to help as many local workers as possible, and provide you with products that will help you with everyday.



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