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More and more everyday, with the struggles we collectively face, we realize the value of looking out for our neighbors. While we are able to sustain the mananahis we employ,  some of their neighbors are unemployed, project-less and already struggling. One of our senior workers suggested that we help some of our neighbors in Taytay by funding them to produce rugs made of excess fabrics that we could buy from a nearby t-shirt factory. These neighbors are knowledgeable already how to make rugs but needed the support to source materials and get paid for them.

Door Mats

                We started with door mats and now slowly expanding. 


We felt that this is a little project that can support displaced parents who need to keep their families fed and safe. It will be extra effort for our little team, but with the impact it can make, we agreed to pursue it.

In the last weeks, we have been developing and selling designs to our small circle of friends to test the market. Right now, we want to reach you and a wider audience with these products. The pieces will not just add to the aesthetic of your home, but they are very functional. Plus they are sustainable too!

Our earlier runs were always sold out.



Our Materials
The materials we use are cotton scraps from t-shirt factories. Instead of these going to junk, they are being repurposed into lovely home items. It has been a great creativity and collaborative effort among the ates and our friends in terms of designing products to bring to your homes. Soon, you can suggest to us your ideas too.


Pot Holders

Our Approach--

To create a project where an ate can earn a minimum of 200 per day, hopefully reach minimum wage eventually. They are paid based on output, and output is always demand-driven, so as our reach and distribution grow, their potential to earn will go up too. We will keep investing to support the few neighbors we are now able to support, with the goal to eventually employ and employ more in the community.



We will develop products to provide a wider range of options.


A new tab will be made on our page with the label-- Community Project, this is where you can see and purchase products made by the ates. As you support and purchase, do know that you are helping families during this trying season. We are keeping our fingers crossed to let this endeavor grow so we can be helpful to more families. 



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