Coffee exploration in this pandemic (and a giveaway!)

Coffee-- our morning lover and our afternoon pick-me-up, the lockdown seems to have intensified everyone's love affair with this drink. At night, the imagination of the next day's steaming hot cup of coffee makes us look forward to a new morning again. Will it be a cup of arabica or robusta? Do I add milk tomorrow or keep it black? The aroma, the first sip, the jolt of caffeine-- all feel like a warm hug that whispers "good morning". 


Coffee comforted us in many ways in this pandemic.



We ran a little poll on our page and more of you prefer iced over hot coffee-- is it because this summer heat is just way too mainit? Many of you like mocha, flat white, and latte as your coffee choice, but mostly, we found out that more ladies like their coffee black. Hey, did you know black has 0 calories? We tried asking if you guys have ever tried cold brew coffee, only 15% answered yes. So we want to be the ones to tell you more about it!


First, cold brew is not the same as iced coffee but cold brew coffee may be iced. What sets cold brew apart is the way it's made, the grounds are steeped for a long period in room temperature water, allowing for a smoother drink. Unlike coffee that uses hot water, cold brew yields a less bitter-tasting drink. And as you may guess, since cold brew coffee tastes less bitter, there is a perception that it has lower acidity (by 60%) than the traditional brew. So if you suffer from acid reflux, this one might be the coffee for you. Because cold brew uses a higher concentration of coffee ground to water and the slow method of extracting drink from the beans, cold brew will wake you up better than the regular brew.


Different methods extract different tastes basically, and if you want a fresh take on your daily cup, you should check out cold brew coffee. Our friend, Peter Street Cafe, is treating us to a giveaway. Ready-to-drink cold brew for two of you ladies. Check our IG to see how you can snag a package.



When (or if?) the world opens back up, we look forward to passing time in cafes again- sharing stories across someone in between sipping from our cups, hearing jokes and laughs from the next table, we even miss rolling our eyes over too-loud voices of strangers. We also miss dressing up for hang-outs like this, but until then, let your home-based coffee explorations make your home-stay worthwhile.


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  • Perfect drink for chill time with next door neighbor!

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