Our Approach in Time of Covid-19

          Times like this even out the field, everyone, including big and small businesses have taken hits. All the interruptions, panic and worries are directly affecting businesses from operating as usual. We feel for every professional, every employee, and every business owner during this trying times.

             For small business like ours, every statistic, every number is associated with lives of people who work with and for us, and the family   members that depend on them. So we press on.

            Our first decision is to not let work stop for our seamstresses. Thus, we have put markdowns on all products in order to make it convenient for customers to still shop during this time. As shared on Instagram, this hurts profit but our focus is to keep our team employed and earning.  


Management of workers


            All seamstresses are working from home, they earn wages per piece of garment sewn, therefore it is crucial that we keep orders coming in so they continue sewing. While we have a lot of ready to wear stocks, we have a need to continually foresee and create inventory so the workers have work to do everyday.

       We were in the middle of producing new designs/collections when Covid broke out, we will push this release back since it takes us a lot of movements to create a shoot and right now, staying in our homes is the priority.

            Our new job orders for seamstresses will be focused on current styles and collections that we can reproduce to cater to new demands.


         Fulfillment of orders

            Our shopping channels- website and IG will continue to take orders. LBC remains operational and a couple of courier partners too. With this, we intend to schedule pick-up/order fulfillment twice a week. We foresee possible challenges, but rest assured that every paid ordered shall be fulfilled.


Business Direction


     While we are uncertain about the duration, our direction is to continue operations despite limitations. Keeping in mind that we must keep everyone’s health protected by letting everyone work from home, and to limit deliveries to twice a week. This means all our online marketing and sales will remain intact.


        If you are disposed to, please do shop. We have put markdowns on several pieces to make it friendlier for you to do so. If you see us actively selling, please do not take it as insensitivity but our diligent way of staying afloat.


         We pray for the country, wisdom for the government and protection for every life, please keep yourself and your family safe. Stay indoors, eat healthy, maintain a peaceful outlook and stay sensitive to the needs around you.



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