That New Dress Coming!

Mood and clothing are interconnected and since we have been stuck in monotonous house clothes during this quarantine, we thought of bringing in something that will instill a feeling of normalcy. At a time when very little is within our control, getting dressed up on a regular day is definitely something that will get you excited. Here is one dress to help brighten up your normal days--


This dress features a square neckline, ruched puffed sleeves and a very flattering fit that embraces your curves. We're bringing it out in 3 colors, from sizes small to plus.

Allowing yourself to get a pretty dress that is outside your daily normal is a little indulgence you deserve and a sure-way to feel upbeat during these times. 

Get dressed, post a selfie and celebrate each day with the Bubbly!

The Bubbly Dress

The Bubbly dress comes this weekend, intro price of 1,200.


We hope this upcoming dress gives you something new to look forward to!

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