The Case for our Washable Tote Bags


Safety guidelines tell us to “save your outside clothes for outside and your inside clothes — the ones that haven’t been on the subway, in the supermarket, or in contact with anyone or anything that doesn’t exist within the 900 square feet of your apartment — for inside. ”

But what do you do with your leather bags once you take them outside? Otherwise, where else would you put your wallets, etc when doing an errand outside the house. Bringing your bag is inevitable but are you like us- clueless how to thoroughly sanitize bags? After all, we want to protect the cleanliness and safety of our homes.


Our experience with manufacturing PPE suits to aid frontliners made us explore the ideas: “Why not create protective covering for bags?” “Can we create washable tote bags that can be used instead of regular day bags?” Microfiber fabrics or taffeta material may be directly soaked in disinfectant solutions, therefore we can prevent coming inside the house with bags that have been exposed to the “outside world.”


Due to our PPE suits projects, we accumulated a lot of water-repellent fabrics. This initiative of creating bags will be another avenue for us to maximize materials that will otherwise be just scraps.


We are launching with 4 large size designs made to carry your necessities throughout your errand runs. Once you get home, you may dump these bags in disinfectant solutions, rinse and hang to dry. The material is quick-drying so the totes will be ready for use the next day too.

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