The Luxe WHY

At a time when we are mostly home, still, our attitude toward dressing up has been mostly about comfort. Raise your hand if you have become too comfortable at wearing pambahay that you sometimes feel in a rut already!


With nowhere to go, there is a chance that only a few of us bother to dress up anymore. But we encourage you to do it. Wearing clothes as if you have somewhere special to go has a mood-lifting effect, go do it, for your own sanity!


The pieces in this collection are a step up from the simpler lounge sets we are used to. With the Luxe Lounge collection, we present to you shapely dresses, button down polos, jumpsuits and coords set that are presko for wearing at home, and eventually, you can use them for going out too. Invest in these pieces that you can eventually wear for real special occasions too.

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