Collection: The Revival Collection


noun: revival; plural noun: revivals

an improvement in the condition or strength of something.


A collection that references to the good old times of fashion, we looked at decades preceding the 70s and picked up inspiration from the ways women dressed then. Nothing skimpy.


This year, there was a noticeable lull in between collection releases, but this time was taken for introspection to refocus on who, what and why we exist. Surely, we ascribe value in being more than just another clothing store.


But like life in general, working in fashion is a cycle of highs and lows. One moment, you think you have cracked the formula then something happens and you find out that you can still do much better. We were never trendy, our search for “the formula” aligns more with the best way for women to dress up everyday. Apparently, this is an interestingly evolving quest.


And this is why this collection is The Revival.


We withhold nothing in terms of paying more attention to designs, using more special fabrics and they are now being cut on the bias, plus here is something new: our seamstresses are applying more hand sewing stitches technique. Your pieces are as good as designer pieces in terms of the design and labor effort put into them, less the hefty price tag. But you must just be more patient as pieces are now being produced in less quantity, and sizes for some are done per order to ensure better fit.


As we take our next step to improving as a clothing brand, you too may rethink how revival applies to you. Surely, there may have been something that you stopped paying attention to that you may now revisit, and bring back to life. Life is too long to stop intentionally growing.


Each collection is our stake to improving our products, and in turn improving your dressing up. We hope this new collection will entice you to trying to be better everyday.



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