Little Big Help





Like fighting a real war, we provide air support to our frontliners by staying at home in hopes of flattening the curve. However, as we now witness in the battle against Covid-19, our doctors and nurses lack in the basic things that should be protecting them. We need to arm them properly with PPEs, but there is a big supply problem now. 


When the lockdown began, little did we know that we can help save lives through the very resources that provide for our business--- hands, fabrics, sewing machines, (and a lot of love).


This is where our collective efforts come in. Our simplified method for rolling this project out is this:


A. Are you a fundraiser with existing budget?

1.  Let’s source materials together (you pay directly to fabric supplier).

2.  Endorse materials to us

3.   We will produce the suit based on existing patterns

4.  Once suits are done, we both coordinate for the delivery straight to the beneficiaries.


B.  Do you know a hospital that needs help?

1.  Let us raise the funds together.

2.  Procure materials and produce the suits.

3.  Deliver the suits as donation.


C. Donate Cash

1. To provide for one suit, it is 433 pesos, you may donate 450 to cover for one.

2. Any amount is welcome.

3. Please send deposit/transfer slips for proper recording.


 With our resources, our ability to provide for the immense need is limited. However, we believe that with many of us who can help in little ways, we can pool in together to help bigger.



Here is a transparent computation for the suits and foot socks


Materials cost

  • 4 yards of fabric (taffeta with silver lining)- 168
  • Velcro closure per suit- 15
  • Garter requirement per suit- 10 

Labor fee- 250 (paid directly to the seasmstresses)

Total cost for one suit: 443

Our capacity now is at 100 suits in 7 days.


We have also added as a product on the website- PPE Suit prices as 450. You may purchase for donation, or for your own needs. Once you place an order, we will contact you immediately for processing of recipient of suits.


For inquiries and donations: 

0917 590 0909